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Being a partner or a sponsor of the foundation carries a number of benefits, including:

  • Chance to participate in projects with real impact on Polish education 
  • Promotion of your company during our events, online as well as in our promotional materials 
  • Access to exceptionally talented students as well as alumni of world's top universities
  • Opportunity to network with the business and academia representativesthrough the Club of Patrons of Ivy Poland Foundation
  • Educational consulting and mentoring for the families of the Club of Patrons of the foundation. Coaching sessions will be conducted by Polish students/alumni of the world's best universities.

Partnership with the Foundation

Provides a unique opportunity to work with the foundation in all of the initiatives and events organized by the foundation - both regular and occasional. A partner will be permanently associated with the foundation's brand and promoted during all events in which the foundation will be involved. There are three levels of partnership:

  • Strategic Partner of the Foundation
  • Partner of the Foundation
  • Sponsor of the Foundation

Program Partnership

Involves support of a specific program that matches your expectations and potential benefits for your institution. There are three forms of this partnership:

  • Program Strategic Partner
  • Program Partner
  • Program Sponsor

For further information please contact us.


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