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The Ivy Poland Science and New Technologies Fellowship Program is intended to support the most talented Polish students and researchers through financing long-term research student exchanges at the world’s best universities.

Science at the highest level is a global challenge. Therefore, in order to stand in line with countries setting new borders of knowledge and to be a driving force of the Polish economy, Polish science needs to be in a constant contact with the most renowned research centres in the world.

Moreover, in order to achieve long-term success in scientific research, Polish science needs a constant influx of exceptionally well-educated young researchers acquainted with the best global research standards. Communication skills, creativity, courage in asking questions at the borders of knowledge, and familiarity with modern technologies are the factors critical to the success of modern research programs. Development of these skills requires researchers to attain experience outside of their alma mater.

Working and studying in the best science laboratories of universities such as Harvard, Cambridge or Princeton, the Ivy Poland Science and Technology Fellows will be in the best position to support their research with newly-acquired skills. These experiences will be then transferred to the Fellows’ Polish laboratories. Furthermore, the network of international collaborations established during the time spent abroad will enable the Fellows to cooperate globally throughout their science careers.

We believe that the Ivy Poland Science and New Technologies Fellowship Program alumni will shape the future of Polish science, based on the highest quality of their education, international cooperation and exceptional skills.



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