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The Ivy Poland Public Administration Fellowship program is intended to support the most talented Polish students who are planning to work in the public sector. The Ivy Poland Foundation provides scholarships that enable them to study at the most prestigious universities in the United States and Great Britain. The scholarship program includes Master of Public Administration, Master of Public Policy, Master of International Affairs, and other public sector majors.

For Poland to be considered a wealthy and developed country, we need to turn our attention the people who will become Poland’s decision makers in the future. Because the decisions they make in the future will be of vital importance to our country, they need to be experts in their chosen fields, well prepared to take on the responsibility.

Since the world is changing at an unprecedented pace and the progressing globalization makes us face new challenges, it becomes more and more important for the policy-makers to have international experience, and to look at international relations from varied perspectives.

While the private sector in Poland has been developing very fast, the public sector has not experienced a similar development. The Ivy Poland Foundation believes that similarly to the private sector, the public sector of economy needs highly qualified personnel. The knowledge and reasoning of Poland’s future leaders is one of the key determinants of Poland’s development.

The response to this demand are the scholarships provided by the Ivy Poland Public Administration Fellowship, which give young Polish public officials and professionals the opportunity to learn from the best professors and to form relationships with peers, who will become the future leaders of other countries.

After graduation from the best universities and return to Poland, the recipients of Ivy Poland Public Administration Fellowships will be in an excellent position to contribute to the development of the public sector in Poland. The experience gained while studying and interning abroad could then be applied in Poland. Moreover, the contacts established while abroad, as well as exposure to diverse ways of thinking, will result in more conscious decisions and better co-operation in the international arena.

Because of the best education, excellent skills and wide range of contacts the laureates of Ivy Poland Public Administration Fellowship have the potential to shape the long-term structure of politics in Poland.


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