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The Ivy Poland Business Fellowship Program is intended to support the most talented Polish students planning to develop their careers in business. Ivy Poland provides scholarships to enable these students to achieve Masters of Business Administration degrees at the most prestigious universities in the United States and Europe.

For Polish companies from the private and public sectors to compete globally, they need access to top-notch managers able to apply the best global management standards. For this reason, the Ivy Poland MBA Fellowship Scholarship Program has been launched. It supports the studies of the most promising young Polish professionals who intend to return to Poland after receiving their business education from one of the best ten MBA programs in the world.

MBA programs are commonly conducted with the use of case studies, enabling students not only to learn practical skills but also to learn from their peers. Real business problems considered during classes are solved in international teams, and confronted with the expertise of the course participants. The variety of experiences, multiculturalism, and complexity of analysed problems provide students with exceptional set of business skills.

To consider Poland a wealthy and developed country, we first need to support the people who will become Poland’s decision makers in the future. Since the decisions they will make will impact the Polish economy, they need to be experts in their chosen fields

We believe that the Ivy Poland Business Fellowship Program alumni will shape the future of Polish business management, which in turn will help lead Polish companies to success in Polish and International markets.


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