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I, signed below:

(1) clearly understand that there were many top-notch applicants for Ivy Poland Foundation fellowship,
(2) perceive the fellowship as a special distinction,
(3) am fully aware of responsibility and moral obligation which are bound with being an Ivy Poland Foundation fellow.

As Ivy Poland Foundation fellow I PLEDGE TO:

(1) carefully spend awarded money on studying at [ … ], where I will attend [ … ] program;
(2) take part in promoting Ivy Poland Foundation by allowing to publicly inform about me as a fellow and by preparing periodical reports, which may be used for commercial and promotional purposes by Ivy Poland Foundation and other program partners, especially by founder of my fellowship;
(3) if possible take part in Ivy Poland Foundation’s and fellowship founder’s events about which I will be notified;
(4) be an ambassador of modern Poland;
(5) strengthen good image of Poland.

Furthermore, I DECLARE THAT:

(1) my intention is to come back to Poland in 5 years after completing aforementioned studies;
(2) in case of economic success or significant career advancement I will support Ivy Poland Foundation by financial donation and/or organizational and/or promotional support – all possible means which are consistent with foundation’s development strategy.
(3) I allow to add in the future an information about my support for Ivy Poland Foundation to my name as a fellow;
(4) in case of inability to continue undertaken studies I will immediately inform Ivy Poland Foundation about such a situation in order to minimalize financial losses.


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