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Exclusively for our patrons' families and in order to complement our mentoring program, the Ivy Poland Foundation aids individuals in preparing their high school, college and graduate school applications.

  • Every student receives a comprehensive evaluation and a plan taking into account the student’s short- and long-term goals, which coupled with their school and work achievements thus far forms a unique educational profile. 
  • Our experts then advise students and their families on suggested educational paths and schools. 
  • When this roadmap is set, we offer direct aid in three very effective ways.
    • First, we help students prepare for standardized tests, including the SAT, ACT, GMAT, and GRE, and improve their scores.
    • Second, we help in preparing the actual applications, focusing particularly on guiding the writing process, leading to personal essays that are accurate, appropriately self-reflective, and fulfill the relevant writing criteria—for example, US college essays are expected to be written in style typically not taught in Polish high schools.
    • Additionally, we provide interview prep and mock interviews and are glad to organize college visits and tours for those interested.

We give the students the best chance of admission at the best possible school or university, making sure that he or she reaches his or her full potential both intellectually and personally. The Ivy Poland Foundation is always ready to help in making the right education and career decisions and guiding students through the necessary application processes.



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